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We get it. In fact, we’ve even BEEN there. And even after investing HUNDREDS, maybe you haven’t seen the growth you’ve wanted yet. 


You’ve got TONS of business questions, but don’t have THOUSANDS to spend on education products.

If you’ve invested in photography education before, but left feeling like:

You didn’t learn anything practical

There are so many other courses you want

You were still confused on where to go next

You feel like you've wasted hundreds

You've lost faith in investing in your education

ok, i'm in!

You're not alone. In fact, that's why the Vault was created.



  Business Vault 


a major collaboration of photography industry experts here to give you affordable, and game-changing education as you grow your photo business.

What's Included?

top photography educators featuring their courses for YOU all in one place

practical step-by-step teaching methods to give you an ACTUAL path to results

endless guides, workbooks, and resources 

An interactive community of like-minded photographers

Monthly course walkthroughs and Q&A’s together as a group

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say no more, i'm there!

...all in one place.

Yep! The Vault has DOZENS of hours of education from a collaboration of industry experts, all featuring their knowledge and already-created education products in one, affordable place.

The Photography Business Vault is an absolute MUST!!! It's so much more than another course on the internet. The amount of value it has is like no other photography education I've seen. I love how tangible and clear the information is-no more photography education that beats around the bush! Say goodbye to confusing courses that bust your bank, and say hello to PBV-professional education that is SO worthy of its price!

- Anna Harrington

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- Elise F.

Meet Your Host:

Hey, I'm Dani!

I’ve been a photographer for over 7 years, and have created my education platform Rooted 5 years ago. I’ve shot over 150 weddings and elopements, and this job has taken me to over 20 states, 10 national parks, 4 countries, and counting. But not only that, but this photo job of mine has also provided a beautiful life for my husband and I, our son Liam (and baby #2, Callum who was just born!), and our 2 dogs.

and the best part? 

I’ve worked with over 100 other photographers and helped them not only grow their businesses to be even BIGGER than mine, but have an extreme passion for showing this community the possibility of what it’s like to have a business that can set you financially free.

ok dani, i'm ready!

featured in:

These aren't just "mini" courses.

These are actual, full-blown courses, already created by educators, featured in our vault.

There is a mix of collaborations with Dani, as well as featured already-created courses by educators - that's what makes this membership different than others.

I want this.

we want to be one-stop shop for all photographer courses.

Next to collaborations, our main goal is to feature as many "already created" courses as possible - so you don't have to pick and choose which courses to invest into on your own.

what makes us different:


New Courses Released Quarterly

Monthly Course Walkthroughs

Monthly Q&A's

Pay Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually

let's go!

Currently in the Vault:

Created by Dani:

Created by other educators:

The Photography Business Master Course

Website Winning Workshop

SEO Crash Course Workshop

The Virtual Third Shooter Course

Income to Inquiry Full Course (Rachel Traxler)

The Google Ads Full Course (Dallin Hassard)

Instagram for Photographers Who Hate Instagram (Sunny Social Collective)

The Editing Workshop (Nathan Chanski)

Goal-Setter, Go-Getter Workshop

see all courses here!

Plus over 17 PDF guides and workbooks included!

valued at over $6,000

Meet the Educators:

dallin hassard

google ads guru, destination elopement photographer

rachel traxler

wedding photographer, expert in booking high-ticket clients 

hannah hoffmann

instagram whisperer, social media manager for photographers

nathan chanski

podcaster, wedding photographer, and lightroom editing expert

learn more!

Work Smarter Not Harder - Content Repurposing (Elise O'Flinn)

elise o'flinn

content writer, social media manager, virtual assistant

Honestly... This is all for you.

Seriously. This collaboration project was created with you in mind, because:

There are SO many education products out there, and it’s confusing on where to invest

Most education products are really expensive on their own, and we can’t afford to buy all of them (even though we may want to)

You’ll have a range of different perspectives, ideas, and knowledge from countless other educators who’ve been there before you. So not just one educator on one topic!

I'm ready to get started!

No Pressure, Go at Your Own Pace

You can Watch course videos based on your needs, No pressure to keep up.

Or if you need encouragement to get through all the material, be a part of our monthly course walkthrough challenges!

i am in!!!

Guys. This vault is everything. What I have loved is the amount of voices that get to come to the table, Dani has amazing content on her own BUT THEN she adds value from the other people that are experts in what they do!! I LOVE LOVE that there are so many different types of courses at your fingertips IMMEDIATELY upon signing up and for someone who is at the beginning stages of photography, this is truly a game changer. Stop thinking about it and just do it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

- Emily Meyer

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- Elise F.

Sneak Peek into the Vault:

You'll be able to:

Watch the courses at your own pace

Learn from more than one educator on multiple photography & business topics

Engage and get feedback from the Vault community

Have questions directly answered from the educators in live Q&a’s

Feel confident in the organization of your business growth strategy

Have practical tools and resources to help you grow and learn - no BS here!

let's go!

See what courses are featured this quarter, and what’s coming soon!

see featured courses

See what's coming:

Full Courses with Unlimited Access.

Fully created courses by other educators available in your library throughout your membership, with new ones added every 3 months!

You shouldn't have to learn from just one educator.

Every photographer has different experiences, methods, and processes that work for them. but There isn’t a “one size fits all” for running a business. That’s why this vault is changing the photography education game.

okay, i'm in!

The PBV is what we've been needing in this industry! There are so many educators, courses, and mentorships out there; it's hard to know what is really going to be worth the money. Not only does it consistently grow in value over time (because more education is added to it often), but it's a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know to start and grow a 6 figure photography business. Plus, the price is MORE THAN WORTH IT!!! I've already learned so much and I know there are gonna be big results in my business soon because of it. Get the vault!!! It's a no-brainer!!!

- Bree Hulan

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- Elise F.

Still unsure?
Take it from our students!


Is this for experienced or beginner photographers?

BOTH! Whether you're looking to just get started or need help in certain areas in your business, this vault will have education for all levels.

Will any of these courses expire?

Some of the collaborator courses are "featured" for a set amount of months and may not live in the vault forever. That's why each month you're signed up, you're going to get something new!

Will I be able to keep up with all the content?

YES! And each month, we go through a selected course together as a community, where we will host lives and more to give you even MORE education on the course!

When will new courses be added to the vault?

Each quarter, there will be new content and courses from both Dani and other educators added to the vault to provide continuous and updated education!

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yep, you can cancel at anytime - no strings attached! 

What's the benefit of keeping my subscription every month?

Not only will there be new courses added each quarter (so more, new, and fresh education), but we also update our old courses based on trends and changing times every 4-6 months. You'll also get EXCLUSIVE "vaulter" discounts to in-person workshops and events that we host, as well as other live online workshops.

So, what are you waiting for? 

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